The word Somatics comes from the Greek root soma which means

"the living organism in its wholeness."

We are complex creatures, the whole of which is deeply

impacted by our life experiences. These impacts shape not only our

perception of self and the external world,

they shape our

neurology, emotional and behavioral patterns, and posture.

This work

 As humans, we have a few basic needs:

to belong,

to feel safe and secure

and to have dignity.

We develop coping mechanisms, postures and strategies

to meet these basic needs.

Over a lifetime, these become our unconscious operating system,

 “just the way we are.”

Somatics asks, "What are you practicing?”

By developing awareness of what we repeatedly do

and how it affects our life and those around us, we can

deepen our capacity to feel and engage with our emotions in new ways,

  • build resilience to act from purpose and with empathy,

  • be choiceful rather than reactionary,

  • move forward rather than being stuck in a rut or the past.

 It is a path by which we can embody change that is evident in our actions, ways of being, relating and perceiving.

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