Wellbeing & Resilience Virtual Programs             

This unique, community-based approach to wellbeing applies practical, neuroscience-based skills and strategies to manage stress, improve whole person health, and build personal and collective resilience.*

8-Week WellBeing Intensive

This transformational experience takes a deep dive into whole-person health with a focus on six key areas that foster wellbeing and fortify resilience. Through experiential exercises, individual reflection activities, and small group explorations participants tap into the energy of their purpose, passion, and potential. In weekly, 30-minute virtual sessions, participants gain a greater understanding of self, practice relaxation and relational skills, and create strategies to achieve self-elected wellbeing goals. The Wellbeing Intensive is a process of self discovery, meaningful connections, and generative interactions. Designed for individuals and intact teams. 

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WellBeing for Everybody, year-round program

Join the community at any time and start dropping into the weekly sessions!

WBEB offers ongoing community support, skills, and strategies to improve wellbeing and strengthen both personal and collective resilience. Weekly community sessions, held throughout the year, explore themes including whole person health, self-awareness, authentic communication, and more. Monthly challenges include a variety of activities, like goal-setting and movement practices, that inspire participants to incorporate new skills into daily life. If they miss a weekly session, even a month of sessions, they can just drop back in and pick up where they left off. 
Tuesdays at 6pm MT & Wednesdays at 8am MT 
*Summer schedule: No Wednesday AM, ONLY Tuesdays at 6pm MT *

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This individualized process offers support and structure as the "coachee" works towards self-elected goals to create change, heal from trauma, interrupt patterns of self sabotage, and/or adapt more resourcefully to change. The somatic approach is the ultimate life hack and supports powerful personal breakthroughs and lasting change. Ready to transform your life? 

Resilient Schools

I am passionate about sharing with young people the foundational tools they need to skillfully navigate life.  I offer mindfulness curriculum and trainings to students, teachers, and administrators. Participants gain a better understanding of their "Human Operating System" through interactive and introspective learning experiences. Contact me if you want to bring this powerful programming to your school community

*Money should never be a barrier to healing and wholeness. Reach out if you need financial assistance.