Coaching with Rebekah supports me in living and taking action in the world from a grounded and centered place.  Her encouragement, powerful questions, and deep listening have created a healing space for me to address long-held trauma within my physical body. Focusing on healing trauma within my body has allowed me to walk my talk in deeper ways, which is essential for me and the work I do. Rebekah’s extensive knowledge of bodywork, anatomy, somatics, mindfulness and trauma healing, creates a powerful approach to holistic living.

Shelley H., Chief Empowerment Officer, Empowerment Inc., Canada

Follow your heart.Trust your gut.

Use your voice.

 Working together, we will

  •  process and transform uncomfortable emotional experiences, so that you can break the cycles of thought and behavior patterns that no longer serve you,

  • use meditation, creativity, and visualization to bypass the thinking mind, so you can begin to notice what your body is experiencing,

  • use movement and curiosity, so that you can expand your awareness in and of your body.

  • disrupt patterns and interrupt thought processes, so that you can liberate yourself from expectations, maintain healthy boundaries and ask for what you need

  • invite what is already there to emerge, so that you can develop in your own way at your own pace.

  • shed light on what is important to you and what wants to be heard, so that you can build trust and confidence in what your feel in your body,

  • cultivate trust in your intuition, instead of relying solely on your intellect.

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