I'm Rebekah, the host of WellBeing for Everybody, a unique, community-based approach to wellbeing and resilience. I'm also a Somatic Coach & Bodyworker with more than fifteen years of hands-on experience applying both Eastern and Western healing wisdom. That experience has given me a profound understanding of the intrinsic link between Body-Mind-Spirit, and the connection between wellbeing and our capacity for resilience. As a survivor of domestic violence, I use the same skills and strategies shared with leaders in my coaching practice to transform my life, support my children in their own healing and build life-affirming coping skills. Leaders apply this wisdom to live into their full potential, to experience more  

balance, joy, and meaning, and to sustain their contribution over a lifetime of service. But here's the thing: it's not just leaders who can benefit from practicing this stuff. Everybody has a unique contribution to make, and should have access to this foundational wisdom and be equipped with tools, skills, and community support to live their best life and make their best contribution. So whether you are seeking individualized support to create change, face an overwhelming challenge, or process loss, or you're looking to connect with an amazing community of folks who are learning and growing together, you've landed in the right place! 

Wheel of WellBeing 

We focus on six areas that are key to cultivating wellbeing and resilience. Assessing the current state of our lives in these areas enables us to proactively manage our whole-person health and to maintain a balance that supports and sustains. Wellbeing keeps us rolling smoothly along, while resilience helps us bounce back when the road gets rough. How's your wheel rolling?  

WellBeing for Everybody 


WellBeing for Everybody